Ducks Unlimited Podcast Nov 9, 2020

Ep. 37 – Winous Point Shooting Club: Legacy, Lore, and Conservation


Friends of Ottawa National Wildlife Refuge Zoom Presentation Series

April 14, 2021: Winous Point Rail Research with Brendan Shirkey

Join Brendan to learn about the rail research that has been done at Winous Point Marsh near Port Clinton, Ohio. Learn about the successes of four graduate students over the past four years working on king rail, Virginia rail, and sora research. Currently, Brendan and WPMC are involved in multiple avian research and monitoring projects with a wide variety of partners including King Rail research with Central Michigan University, common tern nest monitoring with the Ohio Division of Wildlife, and winter and summer waterfowl banding with the Ohio Division of Wildlife. 


Ashland University Seminar Series, March 22, 2018

Management and Conservation of Ohio’s Coastal Wetlands – John Simpson, WPMC


WBGUTV “Scenic Stops” Video: Winous Point Shooting Club History and Conservation


Aldo Leopold Keynote Presentation by Dr. Alan Wentz at the 2020 Wildlife Society Annual Conference.  Dr. Wentz is a highly respected waterfowl scientist and former Chief Conservation Officer for Ducks Unlimited.  He gives many great references to Winous Point Marsh in this lecture as a shining example of hunter-led conservation and policy initiatives.